The FIA have updated their guidance document on the need for 10 year hydrostatic testing of gas extinguishing cylinders.  The new guidance is available from Senseco Systems & is now much shorter and clearer, the requirements haven’t changed and it clearly states that;

All fixed extinguishing agent containers (eg HFC-227ea (FM-200), FK 5-1-12 (Novec 1230), HFC-23 (FE-13), HFC-125 (FE-25), IG 541 (INERGEN), IG 01(Argon), IG 55 (ARGONITE), IG100 (Nitrogen) and CO2 etc) must be inspected, re-tested and certified accordingly prior to the 10th anniversary of their manufacture or most recent test.

Note 1: Containers found to be in service beyond the 10th anniversary of their manufacture or most recent test should be removed from service.

Therefore if you have any cylinders nearing (or beyond) the 10 year date from their stamp we must advise you as our client of this requirement and request the full cylinder information needs to be passed to the Senseco Systems mechanical team to quote to replace the cylinders.

If you would like some free guidance on this requirement please contact us at [email protected]

Senseco Systems are also proud to be one of the very few fire companies to be certified to the BAFE SP203 Part 3 Gas Suppression Standard which certifies us (and awarded us with three BSI Kitemark’s) to work on, design, install, maintain and support gas suppression systems.

Unlike the hundreds of our competitors who only possess the Part 1 Fire Alarm approval.

If you want to find out if your compliant on your cylinders and also on your maintenance or projects, then contact a competent third party certified suppression company such as Senseco Systems on [email protected]