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At the core of our business is the delivery of first-class fire, suppression, voice, security and integrated projects, service and maintenance.

Our independence guarantees you’ll benefit from an unbiased service that focuses on your needs.

Plus, with Senseco you can achieve efficiencies by combining your fire and security maintenance, or installation, while reducing the impact on the environment.



In an emergency, being able to get your message across clearly and quickly is vital. Any mistake or delay may cost lives. In a world where the warning could relate to fire, security, terrorism, or any number of threats, the message given needs to be precise.

The effectiveness of the spoken word over sounders has proved itself many times.  Senseco offers a wide range of systems to harness this potentially lifesaving method of communication.

With the latest legislation, voice plays a big part in your safety strategy. Our team knows the market inside out ‒ including its stringent standards ‒ and has access to the most advanced products around.

So whether you need design, installation or maintenance, we have proven experience working with all emergency voice communication systems.


Voice Alarm is a requirement instead of sounders in your fire detection and alarm system, if your building is used by a large number of the general public who are unfamiliar with their surroundings, or if it’s one of London’s tall buildings.

Voice communication provides clear, concise messages regarding the nature of the incident and also instructions, whereas electronic sounders can cause confusion.  In addition to pre-recorded messages, it’s also possible for live speech to be broadcast for specific emergency instructions.

Voice Alarm systems must meet specific stringent standards in terms of equipment, design, installation, monitoring and operation.

The added benefit of a Voice Alarm linked to a fire detection system is that it can be used for many other functions, as well as warning occupants of fire. It can provide other emergency communications such as warning of a bomb threat, and can be used for lower priority functions including as a Public Address (PA) system for routine messages.

We’re experienced in a wide range of manufacturers’ systems including Baldwin Boxall and Honeywell. We’re also highly proficient in integrated life safety systems, which encompass fire detection, Voice Alarm and fire telephones that suit certain types of buildings.


We supply and maintain Public Address (PA) systems for routine paging, announcements and background music.

The important thing to remember is that while a Voice Alarm (VA) system can also be used as a PA system, the opposite isn’t true. A PA system can’t be used as a VA system because it isn’t designed to the same standard and doesn’t have essential features such as a monitored back-up battery supply, fire resistant cable, and comprehensive fault monitoring of circuits and critical functions.


Under the Equality Act you must provide a safe and effective means of evacuation from your building in the event of a fire or other emergency. This must be provided for all occupants, including people with disabilities.

In most large buildings it’s essential that you provide disabled refuge areas and an emergency means of communication to a control station from these refuge points. Many of the disabled refuge systems we offer can also include disabled toilet systems and pull cords linked in, so they offer a wider range of functionality.


In an emergency, fire telephones provide an effective means of secure communication between a firefighter or fire warden on the floor of your building and a control centre.

Fire telephones are typically installed in stair cores of large or tall buildings, and are linked to the panel in the fire control centre or security room.

We can provide you with combined fire telephone and disabled refuge systems. Plus, we can offer and support fire telephone systems that are an integrated part of your life safety system.


The effectiveness of voice messages compared to a tone from electronic sounders has been proved time and time again.  Voice provides a clear message and avoids confusion particularly for the general public and where users are not familiar with the building.

However not all clients have the budget for a full Voice Alarm (VA) systems or it may be impractical to install VA in an existing building which does not have the wiring infrastructure.  This is where speech sounders could provide a suitable compromise.

There are a variety of electronic sounders with either standard or custom pre-recorded voice messages programmed into them.  Whilst you do not have the ability for live speech over these units they provide a practical, simple solution for many applications.

We can advise on the most suitable system to work with your fire detection system and to suit your building.

Speech sounders


As you’re most probably aware, there is a legal requirement for you to maintain your fire systems, which many emergency voice communication systems form an integral part of.

Building changes can affect speaker coverage and/or how well the message can be heard and understood. Therefore, it’s essential the systems are regularly maintained and also considered with other projects and changes taking place within your building.

Our team includes specialist voice engineers, as well as combined fire and voice experts, who have experience in a wide variety of different systems.