Honeywell Voice Alarm Systems

Your partner in safe and efficient evacuation

Voice Alarm systems are becomingly increasingly critical in evacuation protocols for businesses. Commonly used for live messages during emergencies, a Voice Alarm is extremely useful in urgent situations and to building occupants who are not familiar with their surroundings. Proven to illicit quicker responses compared to tone sounders, Voice Alarms are effective in guiding occupants through and out of your facility.

Senseco Systems distributes Voice Alarm systems for businesses that are looking to enhance their safety measures in cases of emergency. Voice Alarm systems are also suitable for Public Address in theatres, schools, medical centres and airports. We offer Customised Control, Stand Alone and Scalable options so that we can deliver the most comprehensive solution for your needs.

How Honeywell Voice Alarm Systems Work

Smart design is what makes the Honeywell Voice Alarm the choice system for many businesses. This flexible equipment fulfils both simple and complex communication needs while providing high-quality digital audio for maximum clarity. With a Touchscreen Graphical User Interface, Honeywell Voice Alarm allows you to easily manage the entire system and adjust the settings however and whenever needed.

Senseco Systems wants you involved in choosing the best Voice Alarm solution for your application. Your Voice Alarm system will depend on the size and complexity of your facility as well as your purpose for installing one. After you discuss your requirements with us, we will recommend a voice message system that best suits your needs.

Servicing Honeywell Voice Alarm Systems

At Senseco Systems, our engineers are trained and skilled to provide maintenance service for your Honeywell Voice Alarm systems. We are industry-leading fire and voice specialists who have years of experience in the field. Our technical support team sends reports via email and offers rapid response to your concerns. We guide you through every phase of the service process, making sure you receive prompt and efficient service at all times.

We are truly the best company for the job. See your life safety solutions improve with Senseco Systems and call us today.