Baldwin Boxall Voice Alarm Systems

Utilising new transformerless technology

Experience an excellent sound system and absolute reliability with the VIGIL3 amplifier. VIGIL3 provides increased power in a more compact size, easing transport and mobility without compromising voice quality. Its modular design allows for greater flexibility and storage, making it one of the most adaptable voice alarm systems on the market.

Senseco Systems offers a range of Baldwin Boxall racks each designed to suit various voice alarm system requirements. The VIGIL3 Amplifiers come in a selection of dual and quad configuration as well as in various output power. Feel free to let us know your requirements and we will recommend a system that best suits your needs.

Features of Baldwin Boxall Amplifiers

Baldwin Boxall’s VIGIL3 is a floating amplifier that eliminates the need for heavy and bulky transformers because of its built-in power supply. This means that each amplifier is considerably lighter, weighing 58% less compared to standard Watt-for-Watt options. VIGIL3 Amplifiers can also be placed in ‘sleep mode’ that helps users save on power usage and costs.

Servicing Baldwin Boxall Amplifiers

At Senseco Systems, we have a team of engineers who have the training and expertise to service your emergency sound systems. We are leaders in voice systems with years of experience in the field. This means you can entrust your equipment to our team at all times.

Feel free to get in touch with our support team for the progress of your maintenance and service. We will loop you in every phase of the maintenance process, making sure you are satisfied with all aspects of service.

No other company can match the level of customer service we provide. For service enquiries, do not hesitate to call us today.