Our Suppression Capability

Suppression systems are designed to prevent a fire from taking hold, to stop its spread and ultimately reduce the impact on life, property and your business.

Suppression covers everything from portable extinguishers and sprinklers to gas extinguishing and water mist systems.

At Senseco Systems we offer a complete package for suppression, from system selection through to design including flow calculations and installation of a system that fits in with your needs and budget.  We’ll be on hand to provide detailed advice every step of the way.

We understand all of these systems and keep up-to-date with the latest technology and standards, so we have all the potential solutions at our fingertips. This means we’ll provide impartial advice and assist you in choosing a system that best suits your needs and risks.

Gas Extinguishing

We’re experienced at the full range of gaseous extinguishing systems for all different types of environment, and we can advise you on the best suppression system to meet your needs.

We install chemical gases such as HFC227ea (FM200), which are ideal for small comms rooms or where space is at a premium. But due to F Gas regulations and restrictions, we find our clients are often looking for different solutions.

We offer the full range of inert gas suppression systems, which are an environmentally-friendly form of extinguishing. They use inert gases that are naturally occurring in the normal atmosphere we breathe. The systems work by introducing an inert gas to reduce oxygen to levels where a fire can’t be supported, while remaining at a safe level for people to breathe.

Gas Extinguishing

For new-build applications, inert gas systems are ideal because storage space can be allocated for the cylinders at the design stage. Also, if you’re protecting multiple areas, it’s possible to use diverter valves, so a single bank of cylinders can protect these areas. The cylinders can be stored in plant rooms or corridors to avoid them taking up expensive floor space in the data suite itself.

All inert gases work in the same way, but we can offer the full range to meet your requirements or match your existing systems. So, whether it’s Inergen (IG541) or an IG55 system such as Argonite or Pro-Inert, our manufacturer partnerships offer you of a wide choice of systems.

Gas Extinguishing

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly option but don’t have the space for the cylinders needed for an inert gas, Novec 1230 is perfect. This gas uses a similar cylinder footprint to FM200 but has a Global Warming Potential of 1 and a very short atmospheric life. Novec 1230 also has the benefit of being stored as a liquid, and then converting to a gas at the nozzles. This makes refill after a discharge easy. Novec 1230 offers you the best of both worlds, and you can pick from a variety of systems including Sapphire.

As a true independent we can provide impartial advice and guide you on the best system to suit your needs and for the environment where it will be installed.


In this digital age, your communications room is the beating heart of your business operation. You rely on it to keep your staff connected, with each other and your customers. Or if you’re responsible for a data centre, it’s crucial that you provide a secure environment for your client’s servers, data and business operation.

It’s vital that your digital communications and network devices are protected and maintained. And when you employ a company to design, install or maintain your extinguishing system, it’s important to know it has the relevant experience and accreditations to prove its competence.

Senseco Systems are competent and certificated for suppression systems.


At Senseco Systems we have specific extinguishing certification and accreditation. We’re qualified to BAFE SP203 Part 3 Modular Scheme to cover design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fixed gaseous fire suppression systems. So, when you work with us, you’ll know you’re in safe hands and we have independent certification to prove our competence.

Working in the industry, we often find that once a suppression system has been installed it’s neglected as the data room develops over time.

To protect your comms room, it’s important to make sure your gas suppression pipework has been tested for leaks, and that the system design has been checked to ensure it will perform correctly.


You must also check that any cylinders that are over 10 years old have been hydrostatically tested.

Plus, have there been modifications to your data suite that could affect the extinguishing system? And is the integrity of your room tested every year?

We offer our Extinguishing Plus service and can carry out full evaluations of your existing systems to ensure it is compliant and working effectively.

At Senseco Systems we can help you to ensure your operations room is protected, so the smooth and efficient running of your business won’t be disrupted.


The noise from some inert gas suppression activations can damage hard drives and put your communications room at risk. There have been instances of this over the last few years but it’s only recently that the issue has become better known. There have been a number of high-profile incidents, which prove that this is a real risk.

To prevent this damage, we can install a system that uses “acoustic/silent” nozzle technology to reduce the sound energy of the gas discharge in a similar way to the silencer on a car exhaust. We offer new systems with “acoustic/silent” nozzles, designed to reduce noise and therefore lessen the acoustic impact and can offer advice on upgrading your existing system.


We can assess your existing system and advise on changes needed. It could simply be a case of exchanging your existing nozzles with “acoustic/silent” nozzles with the same flow characteristics. Or it may be necessary to review and change the valves, and look at extended discharge times and other modifications, as well as nozzle changes. We have the expertise and work with all leading manufacturers and will offer you the right solution for your system.

An example of an assessment and solution we provided for a client is detailed in the case study below along with further background information.

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Water Mist

Water mist has the advantage of being completely natural because it uses no chemicals. Plus, it’s very effective at fighting smoke as well as fire.

We provide a range of water mist suppression products that fit in with various situations. Deciding which one is right for you depends on the specific risk and the type of fire likely to be present. We design systems with the correct nozzle type to deliver the most suitable droplet size, density and spray pattern to suit the application. All systems we use have been tested and approved for specific environments, so you can be sure of a tried and tested method of suppression, which is compliant with the relevant standards.

Water Mist

We offer high pressure cylinder-based systems and low pressure pump-based systems, to ensure we have a range to cover all of the different environments and risks. Water mist is ideal for flaming fires and particular fire types.  We can advise on all applications, whether you want to install a water mist system as an alternative to gas extinguishing, or if you’re looking for a substitute for sprinklers.

Water mist is ideal in areas where sprinkler systems could be used but where it’s crucial to reduce the amount of water released. And because less water is used, less storage is required and the clean up after the fire is faster. On top of this, pipework is much smaller and the installation costs can be reduced.


Sprinkler systems are an effective way of protecting your property and preventing the spread of fire, so if a fire does occur, the effects and loss will be minimised.

We can help you to choose the most suitable system for you, whether you’re looking for pre-action, wet, or dry valves/systems.

And by working in partnership with sprinkler specialists that are LPS1048 certificated, you can be confident that all systems are installed and maintained in line with the latest standards and are fully certified and compliant.


Portable extinguishers and fire blankets provide an accessible and effective first line of defence against fire. They can put out a small fire and prevent it spreading, potentially averting a major disaster.

We can advise on and offer a full range of extinguishers in line with standards and to meet your particular risks.

Our extinguisher maintenance contracts include all consumables needed on a service, such as clips, tags and seals, meaning no hidden costs or extras.  Additionally, we also provide the five and ten-year extended service, where discharge testing and refurbishing or replacing the extinguishers are needed. We can guide you on the most cost effective option.

We offer extinguisher servicing by our experienced, in-house extinguisher engineers, as part of our range of maintenance services.


We can work with you to install, commission and maintain the cooker hood suppression system in your commercial kitchen.

It’s vital that cooking ranges are protected from the risk of fire with a suitably designed and sized system. We work with Ansul® approved partners and a range of other cooker hood suppression systems to ensure we offer you a variety of systems and services.

Plus, it’s important to remember that if there are any changes in cooking arrangements, your cooker hood suppression system must be altered in line with this to ensure optimum protection at all times.

We provide maintenance of cooker hoods, and our basic service price includes consumable parts needed to carry out the maintenance, so you’ll be pleased to know there are no hidden extras.


We’re experienced at maintaining a full range of suppression systems in line with the relevant standards and with the correct accreditation/certification.

As well as looking after the various systems already referred to, we maintain wet and dry risers, fire hydrants and hose reels.

Plus, we excel at comms room protection and gas extinguishing maintenance.

Our fully-qualified engineers are experts in the maintenance of many different gas suppression systems. And we’ll make sure your detection and mechanical gas extinguishing systems are working correctly, and that annual room integrity tests are carried out.

We also hydrostatically test, or replace cylinders that are over 10 years old, which is required by law.


In addition to standard gas extinguishing maintenance, in line with BS EN 15004-1:2008, we offer our Extinguishing Plus service. This goes above and beyond the standard requirements, offering checks to ensure your extinguishing system is in peak operating condition and still suitable for the risk.

Our skills extend to carrying out low pressure testing of pipework to detect leaks in discharge pipework and pilot firing lines.  Also full pneumatic testing of diverter valves.

What’s more, we can carry out a full design review to check the amount of extinguishant available, pipework isometrics and flow rates, and nozzle positions and spacings.

And we can advise on measures to guard against noise causing damage to hard drives by offering “silent/acoustic” nozzles and associated solutions.

Case Studies

We’re the go-to company for a range of fire, suppression, voice, security and integrated services.  Our speciality is coming up with innovative, yet practical solutions to your problems, delivered on-time and within budget.

Click below for case studies covering a range of different business sectors and applications that we have successfully completed.

These cover everything from installing a new fire detection system in a busy shopping centre to helping a company to cut the risk of data loss and damage to computer systems caused by the noise from release of gas extinguishant. And everything in between from migrating legacy fire systems to open protocol systems in live working environments to providing access control to speed lanes and providing bespoke solutions to a power station for their detection, suppression and voice alarm needs.

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Our Product Partners

We are proud to be distributors for many leading product manufacturers across all areas of our business. We service and maintain equipment from most manufacturers, including closed protocol systems. In addition, we can install the majority of products and systems on the market, to suit existing installations and meet your individual needs.   Here’s an example of some of the manufacturers / products we work with.

  • Baldwin Boxall
  • Advanced
  • American Dynamics
  • Aquamist
  • Argonite
  • Avigilon
  • C-Cure
  • ED
  • EST
  • FIREscape
  • FirePro
  • FM200
  • Hochiki
  • Honeywell
  • Notifier Honeywell
  • Gold Partner
  • Janus
  • Novec
  • Penton
  • Pro-Inert
  • Siemens
  • Truvision
  • Ziton
  • Grosvenor
  • Hyfire Authorised Partner
  • Indigovision
  • Inergen
  • Kentec
  • Kentec Installation
  • Siemens
  • Sateon
  • Apollo
  • Sapphire
  • Vesda

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Plus, our work is backed up by a range of accreditations, approvals and certification, proving our competence and showing we’re the best company for the job.

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