Brexit Contingency Planning

On 31st December 2020, Britain will leave the European Union, formally, and we continue to update our clients in relation to contingency plans we have in place.

As a responsible service provider supporting critical fire and security systems in our client’s premises, we have approached a number of our key suppliers / manufacturers for their individual statements regarding continued supply of critical spares and products. As an independent company we support a wide variety of systems from different manufacturers. We have put a table together which has been collated from the manufacturer statements we have received.

Although various manufacturers are putting steps in place to ensure continuity of supply of parts, our recommendation is for clients to hold site spares. Whilst we hold some essential spares ourselves at our head office and our engineers have a basic “vehicle stock”, as we support such a wide variety of systems it is impossible for us to carry spares for every single type of system we support.

Holding site spares is our recommendation regardless of Brexit, but uncertainly over supply of spare parts after Brexit increases the need to do this. By holding site spares it means you have surety of supply and it also means that on a maintenance visit if we find a device or component is faulty, we may be able to change it there and then, rather than charge for a repeat visit to change the part. It therefore makes better commercial sense as well as providing back up in case of device or critical component failure, so your system is not compromised. Please advise if you would like us to quote for critical spares for your site.

Systems installed in the UK are generally manufactured to and certified to European standards and are CE marked. British standards apply to fire alarm system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance which we are certified to carry out via our LPS1014 and BAFE SP203 accreditations. Therefore, we do not see any imminent change to this.

As we are a specialist systems service provider, we install new systems and maintain / update / amend existing systems, we do not envisage Brexit having any significant effect on our day to day business, providing we can get access to parts / equipment from the various manufacturers we use. We will still offer our planned and reactive maintenance and project works with our UK based engineering workforce, with back up from our head office based in Kent.

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