Senseco Newsletter October 2019

Senseco Certified as a Kentec Installation Partner

Senseco are pleased to be awarded Kentec Installation Partner (KIP) Status.  Brett Boyd, BDM of Kentec handed over the Partnership Certificate to Emma Manuel, HR Manager of Senseco, while Allison Datson, Director of Operations of Kentec handed over the “KIP” Plaque to Lee Thompson, Sales and Marketing Director of Senseco.  Being awarded as Kentec Installation Partners is a recognition of the training undertaken by Senseco and the competence demonstrated to undertake large projects, in particular Kentec Syncro to Taktis Bridge migrations.  Being a KIP allows Senseco to offer a greater range of services and level of support to our clients, backed up by our partnership with Kentec.

Kentec Syncro to Taktis Migration

One of the benefits of being a Kentec Installation Partner is access to the Taktis/Syncro Bridge, which is only available to KIPs.  The Taktis/Syncro Bridge Functionality is for phased panel upgrades on networked systems.  This is a unique solution for migrating Syncro panel networks to the latest Taktis technology, protecting the end user’s long-term investment.

Senseco have already carried this out and have a number of projects ongoing, including a large 18 panel network for a major transportation hub. The ability to set up a replica of the client’s network with mixed panels off site in Kentec’s factory is a major benefit.  With the Syncro/Taktis bridge functionality it is possible to upgrade existing networks from legacy Syncro fire panels to the new highly-sophisticated and scalable Taktis control panel. Upgrades can be carried out on a panel-by-panel basis, reducing capital expenditure and minimising essential system downtime. The bridge functionality enables a Syncro panel to be replaced with Taktis within a Syncro network. On a mixed network Taktis panels will function as a Syncro, but once all panels are replaced, the full functionality of the feature-rich Taktis will become available.  This can be done with minimal disruption to the occupants with less cost, stress and risk for all involved.

Taktis Vision repeaters can also be installed on a Syncro network using the bridge feature, providing an easy-to-use, full-colour, touch-screen interface that delivers information on the status of the fire alarm system to single or multiple locations.  Please talk to us about your existing Syncro panels / networks so we can provide an upgrade solution.

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