Senseco Newsletter September 2019

Two New Awards for Senseco

The Senseco team are really proud to have received two prestigious business awards in the last month.  Some of the Senseco team were on hand at our offices to receive our Gold Partner certificate from Notifier, one of our supply partners, as shown above – see second story below for more details.

CarbonNeutral 10 Year Award

We received our impressive 10 Years CarbonNeutral Award which is, of course, made from sustainably sourced and recycled materials.  When Senseco was launched 10 years ago, sustainability was a core value for us from the outset.

The name SensEco was derived from “Sense” as we deal with sensors (for fire and security) and “Eco” for being Eco friendly.   We reduce our carbon usage as much as possible by various schemes and offset any carbon used by funding schemes for renewable energy etc, enabling us to achieve our Carbon Neutral status.

We are pleased to see an improved awareness and focus on the environment and sustainability globally recently and are pleased to be a leader in our industry being the first CarbonNeutral certified fire and security company.

Notifier Gold Partner Award

After a successful business audit, we were awarded our Notifier Gold Partner status and recently received our Gold Partner certificate.  Mick Bull our Business Manager at Notifier also presented Lee Thompson, Head of Sales and Marketing at Senseco, with a celebration cake, which was very well received by all the staff who were in the office!

Senseco have had a long and successful partnership with Notifier and have been involved with many prestigious projects using Notifier products / systems.  The business audit was a thorough audit to assess our technical competence and customer service, a strict criteria had to be met to become a Gold Partner. This ensures we have sufficient staff and engineers trained on the whole of the Notifier range, our technical support calls were audited, our proposals and business processes were also audited as well as making sure we have our fire industry training, certification and accreditations.  This will give our clients confidence of our abilities and strong manufacturer partnerships.


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