This seminar covers our guarantee to resolve 4 Hot Subjects – You can’t afford to miss it.

  1. Datacentre/Comms Room Damage to Hardrives from Gas Suppression Release Noise – Let us Guarantee the safety and security of your Hardrives in a Gas Suppression release scenario.
  2. The Competition Chase the “Holy Grail” of achieving False Alarm Immunity – We Guarantee It, Attend our seminar and we will prove it.
  3. Design Compliance – We have more 3rd Party Approvals than our competition, let us Guarantee compliance with the latest standards, we have every third party approval to confirm our competence.
  4. The Maintenance competition constantly promise compliance and system service for an ever decreasing sum of money, but are they really servicing the system properly? What’s the risk for a client? Let us prove how our technology proves the maintenance and we Guarantee compliance with the standards. We can give you the technology to Guarantee it’s being serviced properly.

Subject 1 – Datacentre/Comms Room – Guarantee Safety for your Hard drives from a Gas Suppression Release.

This a very hot topic but one that hadn’t appeared to create much action to resolve until the latest widely publicised incident at CLICK HERE- ING Datacentre Outage – BBC News suddenly there are lots of questions being asked but this isn’t a new issue!

  • Is it misunderstanding of the risk?
  • Maybe a lack of appreciation that this risk can be averted and reasonably easily without changing complete systems?

Hopefully this Blog will inspire some debate, hopefully some communication and ideally some attendance at our exclusive event in Covent Garden, London on 17th November 2016 about this subject and various other innovation technology (strictly invitation only for system owners and specifiers) see below and email [email protected] for details and check availability.

The original incidents date back to 2007 which amazingly means that at the time of writing we are now approaching 10 years of awareness and yet the incidents increase year on year and the risks appear to be ignored despite the potential significant losses to business interruption and data.

There have been various incidents in all types and sizes of data sites around the world with one of the biggest outages being at West Host which occurred 6 years ago through an accidental discharge of the Inergen Suppression System  – See the various reports at CLICK HERE – West Host Datacentre Outage & Data Loss this incident caused hundreds of thousands of email accounts and websites to go offline and some data including the back-ups were irrecoverably lost.

There have been various other incidents in both commercial banking datacentres, smaller comms rooms and most recently ING above but only a few weeks ago also at Glasgow City Council outage through a reported “Shockwave” vibration from an accidental suppression release CLICK HERE – Shockwave Datacentre Outage at Glasgow City Council possibly through false detection possibly caused by a failed AC unit setting off detection and then releasing an inert suppression system.

With these enormous risks why are so many clients NOT taking the evasive action that is available? By simply upgrading detection to robust false alarm immune detection but more importantly adopting “Silent Extinguishing” and yes in an ideal world this would be at the point of a new installation but it is also easily implemented retrospectively and doesn’t involve replacing the system. Possibly simply undertakinmg a detailed design review and making some changes including replacing the nozzles, possibly discharghe times/valves etc we are able to review and advise and reviewing sounder coverage all possible by engaging Senseco Systems. As we have done already for our client “Doosan Power” after they also suffered a system outage see the case study CLICK HERE – Senseco Case Study – Doosan Power

The risk is simply noise, there has been significant tests and white papers produced to prove the risk and these are best explained by our product manufacturing partner Siemens in the recent version “Silent Extinguishing – White Paper Rev Sept 2015” CLICK HERE – All the info you will need – Video, Case Study, Video ). The issue surrounding the noise emitted from both sounders and more so the gas suppression nozzles are confirmed as the issue. This video explains the easy rectification. You do not have to replace the system we can review and amend your existing system after a detailed evaluation of the risk and installation.


We will have the physical silent nozzle sample for you to examine and will offer our support in assisting you in protecting your business critical environment please email us at [email protected] for the details of our “Innovation Event” are available, a 2-hour innovation event in Covent Garden on 17th November 2016. (Strictly Invitation Only)

We are expecting this event to be oversubscribed and so please enquire and we will advise of availability – The event is strictly for system owners and specifiers.