Fantastic Client Feedback for Senseco Systems Projects team

I think Senseco have performed extremely well. The project team of Derek and Neil have been great, and together they have worked to ensure that all angles have been covered, and any risk has been mitigated as much as possible. The project itself has been considerably smoother than I anticipated. Yes we’ve had a couple of minor incidents but, on a project of this size and complexity that was to be expected, but importantly we haven’t had any issues that have resulted in any disruption to the business.

I haven’t personally been involved in the panel replacement training etc, but the feedback I’ve received from both Norland and our Security team has been very positive. The system operation is much easier, and the speed in which it functions has also been a strong positive over the previous system.

In summary, I personally am pleased that we opted via the tender process to award the contract to Senseco. The whole process from start to (almost) finish has been first class, and should I ever have to do this again then I would have no hesitation in calling Senseco.

End User Client for a Global Financial Client – Regarding a Siemens Algorex Upgrade to Siemens Cerberus Pro (See Previous Post Project Detail Post)