Senseco Systems Limited prides itself on its high level of engineering knowledge and experience, with many members of the team having been in the industry over 20 years. With some of the team having managed over 40 years!

We have serviced and supported a great many different products including Notifier, Hochiki, Apollo, Kentec, Gent, PSS, Siemens, Ziton, EDA  Electro Detectors, EMS, Advanced Electronics… to name a few.

We also have extensive knowledge of  some of the older obsolete systems including ADT Minerva E80, Siemens/Cerberus Algorex, Wormald PBS and Protec AN95i  and many others. We have been able to offer very cost effective lifecycle upgrades on many of these systems by migrating from the old legacy systems to new Open Protocol solutions often reusing the existing field equipment/devices where possible.

We have also dealt with some of the less well known manufacturers in the UK including Simplex and Edwards / EST3 from the USA.

These two major manufacturers from the USA have some sites installed in the UK and many of the Senseco team have worked on these products for many years and we have many of these sites under maintenance today and fully supported. So if you have one of the systems and you would like to find out about our service and support of these products then please contact us at [email protected]

We have a fantastic engineering and service delivery team waiting to support you, with some great client references available also to confirm our ability on these products.

[email protected]