The hugely popular Kentec “Syncro” fire panel is no more

Kentec Electronics Limited have manufactured the popular “Syncro” range of control panels with multiple protocols, including Apollo and Hochiki for decades.  This has been very popular across all sectors and clients with many sizable systems being installed right up until recently.

Hence the surprise when we were notified in writing by the Directors of Kentec Electronics that with immediate effect the Syncro range of panels has been made obsolete and that manufacturing will cease immediately.

The problem relates to the processor chip availability for the display boards.  In a bid to secure sufficient stock of these chips to fulfill current orders and warranties to recently installed products, the removal of the Syncro from the marketplace was required.

So where does this leave current installations?

If the system is installed and remains in warranty, then the stock will be made available to fulfill that agreement.  If the system is out of warranty, then there are several options;

  1. If the panel is part of a large network of panels, we are informed Kentec will look to try and support the client with display board spares.
  2. Alternatively, the Syncro AS remains available, this can be networked into an existing Kentec Syncro network, however there are some issues to be aware of
    1. The Syncro AS is smaller than a standard Syncro
    2. The Syncro AS is also only available up to 2 loops
  3. If it is a standalone installation then the Syncro panel can be replaced with the new Taktis panel which is of course compatible with the existing loop protocols including Apollo and Hochiki.
  4. So, if Opt 1 is not offered and Opt 2 and 3 are not suitable, then after Q1 2018 the other option is that a plug in card for the new Taktis Panel will be available to make it a “Drop In” replacement. With this card the Taktis panel will be able to operate as a “Syncro” on the same network with existing panels, we are advised. Whilst Taktis is now available, the plug in card to network it to a Syncro network is currently not available, but should be available Q1 2018.


So what do you do now?

I would suggest that contacting Senseco Systems to discuss your Kentec Syncro system would be a good start!  It will enable us start planning the future for your fire system, Senseco Systems will also ensure as we start any system upgrades from Syncro to Taktis that we will also collate and retain the obsolete parts for our clients to consider as a support option in the future.

Senseco Systems are a very experienced Fire Detection system engineering company and hugely experienced on the Kentec products.  We are here to support you with your Kentec Electronics system for the future.

Please feel free to contact the following contacts to discuss further;

Large Networked Kentec Systems 

Contact: Patrick Kinsey – Business Manager – Lifecycle / Major Projects – [email protected]

Smaller Single Panel Kentec Systems

Contact: Nathan Butt – Business Development Manager – Minor Projects – [email protected]