Zerio Plus Radio Fire Alarm System

Innovation, safety and minimal disruptions

Detect early signs of a fire and protect your facility with Zerio Plus. The Zerio Plus radio fire alarm system is the latest line released by Electro Detectors, one of the leading manufacturers of wireless fire detection equipment in the UK. As an alternative to the wired system, Zerio Plus eliminates the need for unsightly cables, long installation periods and unnecessary building work. With 240 devices across a maximum of 100 zones, Zerio Plus is the ideal security solution for larger commercial premises.

Senseco Systems carries a range of high-quality and sophisticated Zerio Plus systems that are designed for all sizes of buildings: from small shops and restaurants to large offices and prestigious hotels. The Zerio Plus package includes smoke and heat detectors, sounders, a manual call point LED strobes and a radio I/O unit. With a comprehensive wireless system, you ensure maximum protection.

How Zerio Plus Works

Zerio Plus is an enhanced and improved version of the original EN54 part 25 fire detection system. Since then, radio wireless systems have been much easier to use. With automatic set-ups and flexible repositioning features, installing your new fire security system will be a breeze.

The Zerio Plus system could not be simpler. Users can easily access and manipulate data through the control panel of the system. Every device is programmed into the system with a user-friendly menu structure that even beginners can navigate. You can also use a standard PC and keyboard to add location descriptions to your system. Using multi-path signalling and analogue detector functions, the Zerio Plus ensures the safety of your business.

Servicing Zerio Plus

Our team of dedicated and skilled engineers places great care in servicing Zerio Plus detectors. We use our expertise to seek the best possible solution for your system and your needs. Our technical support staff sends updates to our clients via email, making sure you are constantly informed of the maintenance progress. From small bugs to complicated repairs, there is no job Senseco Systems is not willing to fix.

Keep your facility secure and safe with a Zerio Plus fire detection system. Do not hesitate to contact us today.