Senseco are one of a handful of companies in the UK with the software and experience of supporting Simplex systems.  Whilst Simplex is no longer sold in the UK for new installations, we can provide support for your existing system and also offer advice on lifecycle replacements.

The Simplex integrated life safety system combines fire detection, voice alarm and fire telephones into a single system.  The system is modular so each panel is built with the required fire alarm loop cards, voice alarm amplifiers and fire telephone modules.  This allows seamless operation between systems achieving complex cause and effects programming.




Whilst any Simplex system installed in the UK have been installed for a number of years, their programming ability and flexibility is very advanced.  Therefore if you are looking to carry out a lifecycle replacement it is important to choose a system or combination of systems that can cope with the cause and effects programming and advanced features the Simplex system provides.  As we have many years’ experience working with Simplex Systems and other advanced systems designed for large, complex buildings, we are ideally placed to support and advice you on this.