Siemens SWING

Setting the standard for excellent radio fire detection

Siemens SWING combines mesh technology and unique ASAtechnology™ for unrivalled detection reliability. Designed for buildings with aesthetic or architectural restrictions, SWING is a wireless radio fire detection system that you can easily install or reposition should your room usage or building structure change in the future. You can protect up to five floors with only one gateway without the need for cabling.

At Senseco Systems, we are experienced at designing, installing and maintaining Siemens SWING systems. Siemens products have been in the industry for over 160 years with over 60 million fire detectors installed worldwide.

How Siemens SWING Works

Mesh technology is incorporated in the wireless network and allows each device to communicate with the wireless gateway through multiple signal paths. Each wireless gateway can communicate with devices with a radius of up to 90 m, reaching up to five floors. Multiple gateways can be used to ensure even large buildings can be protected effectively.  The multiple signal paths you have an extremely reliable method of communication and redundant signal paths.

ASAtechnology™ (or advanced signal analysis) is the technology built into ASA detectors which have two optical and two heat sensors that maximise detection reliability. It is immune to deceptive phenomena like steam or dust, preventing false alarms and costly business interruptions.  We even offer our unique FAITH guarantee against false alarms using this technology.

Siemens SWING is most commonly used in museums, libraries, hotels and convention halls. Due to its flexibility, it’s also ideal for temporary installations like exhibitions or pop up boutiques.

Servicing Siemens SWING

Senseco Systems provides maintenance services for Siemens SWING systems. Our team of engineers have the knowledge and years of experience in wireless system maintenance. To stay updated with your maintenance progress, we can send you reports via email. Our team will guide you through every step of the process, with a focus on efficient service and client satisfaction.

Take your fire detection systems to the next level. Experience the Senseco Systems difference and contact us today.