Siemens Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD)

Taking aspirating smoke detection to a whole new level

Innovative solutions and outstanding reliability are two things that Siemens proudly upholds. Using the latest technology from the fire and security industry, Siemens offers intelligent ASD systems that detect fires early with unmatched accuracy.

Senseco Systems is an industry-leading distributor of Siemens products. We utilise FDA221 and FDA241, the two new Siemens aspirating smoke detectors built with intelligent optical dual-wavelength detection technology. Since these units can differentiate between smoke and deceptive phenomena, they are extremely reliable even in the most demanding environments. When directly integrated into the Cerberus™ PRO, you have a fire detection system you can trust.

How Siemens ASD Works

The optical detection technology of Siemens uses two wavelengths: blue and infrared. This allows the systems to detect the smallest airborne particles that are present in the early stages of fires. The detectors can also differentiate among dust, smoke and steam, making sure the data are accurate at all times. The patented chamber within the detectors was designed to minimise dust ingress and prolong the system’s lifespan.

Siemens ASD is your ideal partner for heavy-duty smoke detection needs. The detectors are most suitable for highly ventilated spaces, hard-to-access areas and challenging environments. Common applications for the systems include cleaning rooms, metro stations, industrial production centres and other areas that require high fire detection sensitivity.

Servicing Siemens ASD

In addition to our expertise in designing and installing ASD systems, at Senseco Systems we also have a service and support team. We have a team of trained and licensed engineers who have unrivalled expertise in ASD maintenance. Our staff sends you service reports via email and accommodates your urgent concerns. We make sure you are informed about the progress of your system to give you complete peace of mind.

As industry-leading fire and security specialists, we aim for top-tier and tailored solutions that meet your exact requirements. Expect nothing less than technical competence and professionalism with Senseco Systems.

Ensure your Siemens AD system remains in peak operating condition and contact us today.