Agile™ Wireless Fire Detection

Offering the highest levels of smoke sensitivity and data communication

Stay connected and protected with the advanced Agile™ Wireless Fire Detection system. Agile™ is a robust and efficient smoke detection system built with powerful mesh technology and multiple communication paths. It suits applications where wired fire devices cannot be installed for aesthetic and economic reasons. The Agile™ system’s efficiency and flexibility give you a fire security system that keeps you safe, no matter the structure of your facility.

Senseco Systems have carried out Agile™ designs and surveys using the AgileIQ™ software, which makes design and surveying extremely simple from a laptop, with the same software being used as the basis for the commissioning. The wireless devices consist of detectors, manual call points, sounders and repeater all “connected” wirelessly via a gateway.  The system’s cutting-edge technology and superior performance give you confidence and peace of mind at every turn.

How Agile™ Works

More and more fire detectors are going wireless. Why? With this new platform, you utilise mesh technology to provide two communications paths to every wireless device. This protects the system against broken communication links and makes the network highly reliable even when you are working with multiple detectors.

Servicing Agile™

At Senseco Systems, we have a team of engineers who can help you with maintenance for your fire system. We have the tools and software to service Agile™ systems checking it is working at its optimum performance. With years of experience in the industry, we are equipped to address all kinds of issues, including adding and modifying existing systems.

Partner with us and experience the Agile™ difference. To learn more about how you can take your safety to the next level, contact us today.