Hochiki L@titude Systems HOCHIKI L@TITUDE

Senseco Systems are a certified HFP Partner this provides a comprehensive product list and capability from small conventional panels and devices through to market leading gas suppression panels and large network fire safety systems.

The latest system from Hochiki available through HFP partners is L@titude which is a powerful and sophisticated control and indication system.

The all new L@titude product range of fire alarm control equipment combines the very latest hardware and software to produce a control and indication system, which is powerful and sophisticated, yet simple to use and understand.

The flexibility of the L@titude platform is such that it can be re-configured to realise many other control and indication applications, with direct integration into intelligent buildings.

L@titude is compliant with EN54-2, EN54-4 and EN54-13.  It is available in 2 to 8 loop or 2 to 16 loop versions with the Hochiki ESP protocol supported.  It can have a network up to 128 panels so can really cope with the largest, most complex applications.

L@titude utilises a full colour, 7” 800 x 480 pixel touch screen graphical display to provide a clear, simple and intuitive user interface.  It has 80 character zone location and 80 character device messages allow a clear, concise description of each detection device location to be configured.  Resistive touch screen technology permits control functions to be available, even when wearing protective gloves.

Hochiki L@titude Systems