Fire Alarm Aspirating Sensing Technology (FAAST)

Safety and security right at your fingertips

Achieve discreet yet highly accurate fire detection with FAAST. As one of the most competent Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) systems on the market, FAAST is an innovative solution designed to give you confidence in your fire and security system. Its focus is on protecting your business assets by sensing the faintest traces of smoke and sending an early warning to your fire system. Even in the most challenging environments, FAAST outperforms other aspirating systems in protecting you and your most critical business assets.

Senseco Systems is a dependable distributor of FAAST ASD solutions. We support FAAST 8100e, the ground-breaking aspiration detection equipment for early warnings, as well as FAAST LT, a detection unit designed for challenging environments. When paired with the PipelQ® software, you have a complete detection system that provides real-time event monitoring via Ethernet connection.

How FAAST Works

FAAST is one of the most advanced ASD systems worldwide. It is built with advanced dual vision technology and intuitive functions that provide convenient access to your data.

The system’s dual vision sensing technology utilises a blue LED light to detect various levels of smoke and fires. It converts the findings into intuitive data that you can access and interpret using your FAAST remote device. You can also stay connected to your facility through your mobile device or computer with the unique onboard Ethernet interface of FAAST. This means you can receive updates from your workplace anywhere at any time, giving you complete peace of mind.

Servicing FAAST

Our engineers have the proper training and certifications to service your FAAST systems. We send maintenance and repair reports through email and accommodate your requests as soon as we can. Our team guides you through every step of the maintenance process, ensuring excellent customer service at all times.

Early warning fire detection is essential to your business. Let Senseco Systems be your partner in fire safety and call us today.