Siemens Cerberus Pro

The Cerberus Pro system is the Open Protocol fire detection system available from Siemens Cerberus Pro approved agents of which there are hundreds across the world and over 20 in the UK.  At Senseco, we have installed many Cerberus pro systems in a variety of different buildings.

The system is a very powerful market-leading product offering unrivalled reliability, digital protocol and infinitely flexible cause and effect programming capability.

The system is fully compliant to the latest standard and as well as individual device accreditation it has full system certification.  This includes certification to EN54 Part 13 – Integrity of System and LPS 1653 – Network Compliance required on system this size.

The system can utilise ASA (Advanced Signal Analysis) detectors which can be set for all different environments to eliminate false alarms whilst providing effective, compliant detection.  When ASA detectors are installed we offer our FAITH (False Alarm Immune Technology Harnessed) guarantee against false alarms which is backed with £1,000 Financial Penalty per Incident.  Read more about our FAITH guarantee here >

Cerberus Pro Family

This system also provides a lifecycle migration from legacy Siemens products to the new Open Protocol Cerberus Pro.  Read more about Siemens systems migrations here >


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