ECO and ECO+

Engineering Communication Online

ECO provides cloud based connectivity for your fire alarm system to give you notifications of events, service and system reports and many other benefits.

With compliance and auditable record keeping being of paramount importance, ECO records service activity to give a fool proof log of all devices tested and service progress. The system also logs weekly testing and it is possible to set a weekly testing schedule to ensure a different manual call point (MCP) is tested each week. A mobile phone app will tell the user which MCP to test, provide instructions and even allow confirmation of testing to be recorded.

ECO can also give notifications to mobile devices to alert specific staff in the event of a fire, fault or other predetermined conditions. This is particularly useful on campus type sites with multiple buildings ensuring immediate response in the event of a fire or other event. Occupants are kept safe, faults are actioned in a timely manner and your KPIs are met.

* ECO and the features described are subject to the capability of the system installed




ECO+ takes connectivity to a new level, allowing two way communication with your systems to provide a remote diagnostic facility. This facility offers the chance for our technical engineers to remotely connect to your system and perform regular health checks to ensure it operates at its full potential at all times.

We can check the system status before any service visit, looking at detector contamination levels and to see if any parts are needed. We can advise you of this before the visit, therefore reducing return visits with parts and reducing labour costs. Similarly, in the event of a call out we can interrogate the system remotely to see if any parts are needed or we can possibly even resolve issues without the need to attend your site.

This useful service offers you immediate response, reduced callout costs and fewer repeat visits. An added benefit is a reduction in carbon footprint because of a reduction in travel, which further enhances our commitment to the environment.

* ECO+ and the features described are subject to the capability of the system installed



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