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Uniper Enfield

Uniper’s portfolio combines large-scale power generation and management of energy supply chains. Uniper’s former parent company was E.ON, who now focus on the new energy world.

Uniper Power Station in Enfield had fire, suppression and voice alarm systems that had reached the end of their serviceable life.  They needed modern control equipment which would combine controls for different extinguishing systems into a centralised control station.  The extinguishing systems themselves also needed replacing or updating.

Senseco were chosen to provide a bespoke solution providing controls and upgrades for gas extinguishing, water mist and deluge systems along with a replacement voice alarm rack.  Our power station expertise and ability to provide flexible, custom built solutions to meet Uniper’s needs were key to the project.

Fire Voice Integrate

The Challenge

Uniper had separate operating systems for gas extinguishing, water mist and deluge systems all of which had become obsolete with parts no spare longer available.  They needed consistency of operation for the different systems in a central location in their control room.

Cylinders and components needed replacing on gas extinguishing, water mist and deluge systems.  The voice alarm system also needed replacing as it was at the end of it’s working life.  Uniper needed to utilise a company with a wide experience of the different types of mechanical systems along with electrical controls.

The power station needed to remain operational with limited windows to carry out works in planned shut down periods.  Therefore effective planning and coordination were vital to the success of the project.

The Solution

Senseco designed and built a custom made rack mounted control system to provide controls for the detection and extinguishing systems.  Whilst it was a custom made rack, it utilised standard Kentec extinguishing panels and components to ensure there were no problems with ongoing support and spares.  The operation of the various systems is very simple and straightforward.  A Baldwin Boxall replacement voice alarm rack also provides the client with a supportable voice alarm system.

We also replaced cylinders on gas extinguishing and water mist that were due hydrostatic testing.  We have also replaced and upgraded other critical components of the gas extinguishing, water mist, deluge, sprinkler and foam systems on site.

All works are carefully planned to ensure the normal running of the power station is not disrupted.

The Result

Uniper were delighted with the result of the project and we continue to be involved with ongoing maintenance and project works.  Uniper now have a centralised control system for gas extinguishing, water mist and deluge systems which also includes gas detection.  The system is easy to use and shows the system status at a glance.  They also now have the new voice alarm system which again gives flexibility and ease of use for pre-recorded messages and live speech messages and site wide announcements.  Extinguishing systems are updated and protecting the critical areas and processes on site.

The systems are fully supportable, with good availability of spares and a choice of ongoing support partners.  Senseco are continuing work as a valued supply partner for Uniper not only delivering maintenance and projects at Enfield but also on other Uniper sites.

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