Our Voice Capability

Getting your message across has never been more important. In a world where the warning maybe of Fire, Security, Terrorism or any number of threats, the message given needs to be clear and precise.

The effectiveness of the spoken word over electronic sounders has proved itself time and time again, and Senseco offer a wide range of solutions to harness this potentially life saving method of communication.

In any emergency situation, being able to get your message across clearly and quickly is paramount; any mistake or delay may cost lives.

A voice alarm system was previously considered a significant investment, however the products have progressed considerably bringing down the costs whilst at the same time raising the quality and functionality.


With the introduction of new legislation and DDA requirements, voice now plays a bigger part in your overall life safety solution than ever before.

The Voice market is an area of specialist expertise, technically advanced products and stringent standards. So whether it’s design experience, a high quality installation, or routine maintenance you need, Senseco Systems has proven its ability to speak out competently on all emergency voice communication systems.