Suppression Maintenance


Senseco Suppression Maintenance

sup_main1 In addition to our many other approvals
  Senseco Systems are certificated to BAFE
Part 3 for the “Design, Installation,
  Commissioning / Handover and Maintenance
  of Fixed gaseous suppression systems.”

• We are also F-Gas Certificated by the FIA
• We carry out gas suppression maintenance in
  line with BS EN 15004:2008 Annex F. This
  includes maintenance of the detection systems,
  the mechanical gas extinguishing system, an
  annual room integrity test and reporting on
  cylinders due their 10 year  hydrostatic test

• We provide a variety of solutions for
  hydrostatically testing or replacing cylinders
  which are over 10 years old. This is a legal
  requirement of the pressure vessels directive.


Suppression System Integrity Plus

In addition to maintenance to BS EN 15004:2008 we can offer an extended range of services:

We have found on many client’s sites that there
  are problems with the extinguishing systems
  such as poorly installed pipework, incorrect
  design and changes to the room which would
  render the extinguishing system ineffective

• We can carry out low pressure testing of
  pipework to detect leaks in both discharge
  pipework and pilot firing lines

• We can carry out a full design review to
  check extinguishant quantity, pipework
  isometrics and flow rates, nozzle positions and
  spacings to ensure the system will work as it
  was intended

• We can advise on the issues of noise affecting
  hard drives offering a number of preventative
  measures including silent nozzle technology