Our Suppression Capability


Suppression has become far more technically advanced in recent years, the industry is now offering everything from portable extinguishers and sprinklers to inert gases, chemical based gases, and low and high-pressure water mist systems. All with differing design standards and requiring detailed and varied expertise.


We believe a client needs to know they are dealing with a company that understands these products and has all the potential solutions at their finger tips, allowing each client to choose the system that best suits their needs and risks.

Senseco Systems offers a complete package for specialised suppression systems, from inception of the product, detailed advice, design to implementation of the correct working solution to suit the needs of the client, their budgetary requirements and overall the protection of the asset.  


Senseco aims to provide you with a system that will stop or reduce any impact on the operation of your business in the event of a real fire situation.

Senseco is a company you can trust for its expertise. This is vital with a suppression system installation or maintenance, as this is a system you will rely on to save the lives of your staff and the value of your assets. The success of that system will rely on the knowledge of the installer, the quality of the product and especially the competence of the design layouts and flow calculations.