Silent Extinguishing White Paper & Video Regarding the Risk & Senseco Solution Case Study

Senseco Systems are pleased to be able to share this factual data / white report with you and also offer our straight forward solution to the risk.

Case Studies

The Silent Extinguishing White Paper – Review of Suppression Noise in Data Centre Risk

The document provides a detailed review of the technical facts and test results associated with the issue surrounding suppression noise from dry extinguishing systems when activated within a Data Centre / Comms environment.

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Doosan Power

Doosan had previously experienced damage to their computer hard drives caused by the noise of their inert gas system being released, this is a phenomena which is being increasing recognised & experienced worldwide.

Senseco retrofitted the extinguishing system with Siemens Sinorex Silent nozzles, who’s design is able to reduce the physical sound energy of a gas discharge in a similar way to the silencer on a car exhaust.  This provided a cost effective solution, with minimal disruption to ensure the critical processes were safeguarded.

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