How Well Is Your Comms Room Protected?

Does your maintenance provider have 3rd party accreditation specifically for gas suppression?
(BAFE SP203 Part 3 or LPS1204)

To find out if your current maintenance provider is approved to work on gas extinguishing systems check:
BAFE SP203 Part 3

• Do you know that the noise from some suppression
system activations can damage hard drives? – We
have a solution utilising silent nozzle technology

• Has your gas suppression pipework been tested
for leaks and the system design verified to
ensure it will perform correctly?

• Have your cylinders been hydrostatically tested
if they are 10 years old?

• Have you had modifications to your data suite that
could affect the extinguishing system?

• Have you had your room integrity tested annually?


BAFE SP203 Part 3 Modular Scheme: Design,
Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of
Fixed Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems.