What if you want to upgrade your system now but don’t have the budget available?


Why not conserve cash flow and maximise your available
budget by leasing?

By replacing the cash investment of a new system with a much smaller rental, the ideal solution becomes affordable – budget constraints that could compromise key system features are lifted.

Leasing is tax efficient with 100% of the rental charge being offset
against the business profits. This provides huge cost savings to any profit
making organisation.

If you are a government body such as a school, you can take comfort that all our lease arrangements attract only fixed charges – for the entire lease term!

As your needs change the equipment can be upgraded, even if you’ve not reached the end of the lease term.

• Leasing maintains your cash flow and renatal offset
   lowers your tax laibility

• Our rental is fixed for the term of the lease so great
   for budgeting

• Lease terms up to 6 years are available subject to status
   (3 and 5 year most popular)

• That new system you need really is affordable!

Leasing is only available to commercial applicants, terms and conditions apply.  Please request a quotation.
We work with the specialist leasing company Chelsea Vale, who are a specialist technology broker, underwriting all fire and security equipment.  Chelsea Vale are the only recommended leasing service of security equipment market leaders Norbain since 1998.