Carbon Neutral – Maintenance

Protecting your People, Your Property and Your Planet 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week

At Senseco Systems, maintenance is a primary part of our business, it is our dedication to detail and commitment to providing an unrivalled level of customer service and technical competence that ensures the client’s full and continued satisfaction.

Our unique ability to service and support such a wide range of products and systems enables us to offer very competitive solutions for your building.

When you are dealing with the maintenance of a Fire or Security system you firstly must appreciate the importance of competence and communication; something we at Senseco take very seriously.

Our engineers are fully trained and briefed on the required British Standard requirements, ensuring we meet and surpass the requirements to protect our clients.

We complete our detailed maintenance regimes and then through our investment in the latest technology, use Bluetooth and GPRS technology to ensure the information is immediately relayed to our office to enable our support team to respond immediately to any requirements and of course forward the information to the client. We are moving to engineers using iPads with much more detailed service reports for different types of systems and so that the reports can be e-mailed directly to the client

Enabling you, the client, to be aware at all times of the progress on all maintenance visits.  We also offer clients the opportunity to access shared electronic directories specific to their sites on a secure cloud based server to retrieve copies of maintenance reports, literature and supporting documentation

This provides a fast and efficient service and whilst also controlling our use of our planet’s natural resources by relying wherever possible on our proven electronic technology to provide the communication and documentation instantly.

E.C.O. – Engineering Communications Online – As Senseco Systems continues to lead the industry in providing innovative and market leading technological solutions, we have developed an option (subject to our clients system being technically capable) of a remote diagnostic facility “Engineering Communications Online – E.C.O.” which will provide us the option to remotely dial into your system and give it a health check regularly ensuring it operates at its full potential at all times. Likewise before any service visit or in advance of attending any callout we can check the service status and if we require any parts thus reducing return visits with parts or possibly even resolving any issues without the need to attend site. Providing the client with an immediate response, a reduced cost in callouts and Senseco benefit by a reduction in our carbon footprint by reducing our commuting, further enhancing our commitment to the environment.