Our Integration Capability


Integration is the future; Technology integration and Service integration, both offer considerable benefits to the client and significantly reduced costs.

Technology Integration

Security products are now IP based enabling you to integrate Access Control, Intruder and CCTV into a single system solution and utilise the existing corporate global IT network, giving considerable functionality, remote monitoring capability and cost savings.

Fire Detection, Suppression, Intelligent Emergency Lighting and Voice Alarm are also now so advanced that products offer single system solution, sharing power supplies, network cabling and software.

Senseco can offer a complete single solution product bringing the Fire and Security products together seamlessly.


Services Integration

Senseco offer integrated services, Design, Installation, Service and Maintenance for all the Fire and Security services, bringing everything under one carbon neutral agreement reduces administration, contract management and multiple engineer attendance. We also offer consultancy design services and fire risk assessments surveys to meet the required legislation.

More and more buildings are now remotely secured and monitored off site than ever. This established technology is becoming more commonplace, and client’s worldwide are now appreciating the savings and increased protection this technology provides.