FAITH Guarantee

F.A.I.T.H is unique guarantee against false alarms only available from Senseco Systems

Does your business suffer critical downtime or financial losses through false alarms and evacuations?
Are you now being fined for false attendance by the fire brigade?

In 2011 there were 230,000 False Alarms reported as “Due to Apparatus” and in the UK these false alarms cost Business and Rescue Services over £1Billion. Greater concern is this unreliability causes a lack of faith in the fire alarm and risks occupants ignoring a genuine alarm.

Have you got FAITH in your fire alarm system?

It is the level of confidence that Senseco Systems has in the fire engineering technology that it uses and the level of service we offer that has made this bold gesture possible.

The basis of the False Alarm immunity guarantee is that for any customer who has Siemens Cerberus Pro fire detection system installed and subsequently maintained by Senseco Systems, Senseco will pay a monetary penalty (of £1,000) if its equipment is proved to be responsible for a false fire alarm notification resulting in a fire brigade call out.

As long as the conditions are satisfied, the Guarantee will be valid for the entire lifetime of the system. Customers and prospective customers will be surprised to find that the Guarantee is not burdened with exemption clauses and small print.

Senseco Systems official definition of what constitutes a false fire alarm is also clear and concise:
Any non emergency alarm that is neither manual nor malicious in origin and that generates an evacuation and or fire brigade attendance.

By keeping it simple we can focus more clearly on the objective: to raise standards and eliminate false alarms.

There are just six qualifying conditions attached to this Guarantee and they are that:


• The system installed must be Siemens Cerberus Pro (ASA detectors)
   designed, installed & commissioned
by Senseco Systems Ltd

• A service agreement with Senseco Systems Ltd must be in place

• The system must be compliant with BS5839-1:2013 and meet our
   BAFE SP203 Part 1 requirements.

• The Guarantee will commence following a three month monitoring
   period (soak test)


• Any changes of use of the premises must be reported to Senseco
   Systems & the system altered

• Finally, to ensure correct management of the system, all operators
   must have training, provided
free by Senseco Systems Ltd