Eliminating False Alarms Seminar

Eliminating False Alarms Through Advanced Technology

Can False Alarms Really Be Eliminated?

What Technological Advances Have Been Made In The Fire Industry To
  Overcome False Alarms?

Do You Have FAITH In Your Fire Alarm System?


This presentation covers the many advances that have been made in detection technology & advanced algorithms to minimise & even eliminate false alarm. An unbiased overview of various technologies, products & systems on the market is given & more in-depth information is given on specific systems. We will carry out a demonstration of the industry leading Siemens Cerberus Pro ASA detection technology where we offer our unique FAITH (False Alarm Immune Technology Harnessed) guarantee.

Senseco are the UK’s first independent company to offer an Open Protocol fire alarm system with a False Alarm Immunity Guarantee.

We will cover the Notifier advanced detection range including SMART Multi-criteria detectors for detection of a wide range of fire types whilst rejecting false alarms. We will also look at various forms of new technology including OSID (Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection)
offering immunity to phenomena that would cause false alarms with traditional technology in large open areas.